dog lays on the floor next to a baby in a pink onesie.

Why Hardwood Flooring is an Excellent Choice for your Family

Your floors are the most used part of your home, and with kids and pets, that’s especially true. Thinking of the day-to-day steps taken on your floor, it’s important to choose a flooring that can weather all of your family’s memories. Whether your floors endure a juice spill, or the sound of puppy paws tapping and clicking, hardwood floors are a great option for any home. 


They are the light of your life and an absolute joy, but they can be messy and sometimes a little bit destructive! 

Cleaning Your Floors

You never know when the next art project is going to involve a spill or make its way off of the paper and onto the table, couch, or floor. Every toddler loves a good food fight and nothing is more fun to throw on the floor than spaghetti or cereal and milk. Your home is a place where so many memories are made and your children are a huge part of those memories. Be able to enjoy those moments and avoid the anxiety of the clean-up and stains. With a hardwood flooring quote, you can really pin down the exact floors your home needs to have as much fun as possible in your home while watching your children grow and learn (and make messes).

Maintenance, Care, and Repair over the years

You watch your children grow into young adults right there in your home. All those memories stamped into the very ground you walk on, from baseball and soccer practices to school dances, sleepovers, birthdays – a lot of life gets lived in your home and on your floors. Over time your floors can start to see wear and tear as you enjoy life with your family.

There is no need to replace your hardwood after years of use like you would carpet. Keep the memories and keep your floors looking fresh and new with refinishing and recoating services from Totta Hardwoods. You don’t need these regularly, but when your floors are well lived in, these will give your hardwood floors the facelift they need to keep your home looking brand new.


Pets are an important part of our families and when choosing a home for your entire family you think about your pets as well. From potty training, accidents, tracking in mud, and even allergies to our furry friends – having a pet can be a messy job.

Cleaning your floors

We all want to choose a floor that looks great and stays that way. With hardwood flooring you get durability and peace of mind knowing any mess your pets make isn’t permanent. Whether the cat will decide to push a glass of water off the table, your dog will knock their dish over, or they come running into the house covered in mud – with hardwood floors you know you are in for a much easier clean up than some other flooring options like carpet. 

Over time dirt and grime are bound to buildup in any home, especially a home with pets. Fortunately, there are ways to maintain the original look of your hardwood floors, such as scheduling a seasonal deep cleaning to give your floors a quick refresh. 

But a mess isn’t the only thing you have to worry about. Even though we love them dearly, we may have allergies to our pets, and depending on the severity living with them can be uncomfortable. Choosing flooring that you can easily clean is just as important to keep the mess away as it is to keep the allergies at bay. Hardwood floors don’t trap pet hair and dander like a carpet will, making it a great flooring option for those looking to manage allergens within the home.

Maintenance and repairs

We know hardwood floor scratches can be brutal. Dogs and cats run about the house all day, potentially weathering your floors with small scuffs. If you’re worried about the longevity of your floors, you can hire the experts at Totta Hardwoods to give your floors a recoating. The recoating process involves buffing your floors, cleaning any possible contaminants, and then recoating the hardwood. A recoating will give your floors the durability and longevity needed for your pets to live a carefree four-legged life by your side! 

The Best Hardwood Floors for Families

When you want to focus on your family and maintain a beautiful home, hardwood flooring is a great flooring option. Work with Totta Hardwoods to understand what hardwood flooring will best fit your family’s needs with our in-depth consultation and hardwood flooring quote. Whether you are looking for flooring that keeps allergens at bay, easy to maintain and clean, or is just pet-friendly flooring don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation and get a floor perfect for your family today. With endless options, know that the craftsmen at Totta Hardwoods will give you all the information you need to make the best decision for you and your home. 

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