What Flooring Installation Should Be Like, Every Time

When starting a new home project you want to find the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the experts in their field. Someone you can rely on to help you make the choices that not only look great but are a good choice for your home. You want someone you can rely on to give you the best advice and best service. This doesn’t end with just a general contractor or a plumber, you want experts working on all aspects of your home, including your new flooring. 

When you need a hardwood floor installation, expert craftsmen know how to make your hardwood vision a reality. Every home needs a quality floor that will last, make sure to contact the right craftsmen who know how to install a hardwood floor perfectly, every time. Work with Totta Hardwoods.

Focusing on The Process 

We’ve all heard the horror stories of contractors’ promises being broken by poor craftsmanship and poorly planned time while working on a project or how the project looked great initially, but a year later was in total ruins. It is important to trust your contractor from the start, and that is why the consultation process and conversations before a project are some of the most important. We believe a consultation is critical to finding your perfect flooring contractor. Experienced craftsmen at Totta Hardwoods approach projects in a way that brings beautiful results to our clients every time. 

How Totta’s Flooring Installation Process Works

Here at Totta Hardwoods, we know your home is a place of connection, where you live the majority of your life, and where the most important memories are made. Your home is extremely important and that is why we take so much care from start to finish while installing your new hardwood floors. Each step of our process is specifically designed to ensure you get the highest quality installation possible.

Step 1: Clarify & Capture Your Vision

At Totta Hardwoods, we know how important it is to get things right from the very beginning. To provide an accurate quote and the best advice requires an in-depth look at your home, lifestyle, and personal style in order to give you the best options and information possible. We want you to love your floors. Floors will last a lifetime with enduring craftsmanship and precision from the very get-go. The consultation alone consists of various elements to the hardwood floor installation process. We will look for certain elements that can affect your floors: 

  • Your family’s personal needs
  • Your design goals
  • Humidity and Air Quality
  • Sun Exposure
  • Your lifestyle

Did you know that each species of wood wears differently? A wood you love might scratch or knick easily especially if you have more foot traffic through your home (like pets, kids, family, and gatherings). Did you know that there are certain rooms in your home that might not be as suitable for hardwood flooring or require engineered flooring vs. solid hardwood? We at Totta Hardwoods understand all the nuances of hardwood flooring installation and use our consultation to share the best recommendations for your home with you. 

Step 2: Focus & Finalize Your Vision

We know your floors are only a part of your home design. You deserve to be confident your floors will fit your lifestyle. Our Design Selection Meeting provide you an opportunity to consult with a professional Interior Designer. They will help you connect your floors to your vision. During this time we will finalize your flooring stain color and sheen, and make sure every detail is taken care of. We also work to finalize an installation date based on your schedule to ensure that this installation is painless as possible. 

Step 3: Furnish & Fulfill Your Vision

In step 3 is where your installation takes shape! Any home improvement project can be overwhelming so we work to exceed your expectation in communication, convenience, craftsmanship, and courtesy. Every step of the way we will keep you in the know on your project as our craftsmen work to the highest standard to complete your project with courtesy to your family and home the entire time. 

To expertly install flooring, preparation is a major part of our Furnish & Fulfill step. We work with a moving company to help professionally remove any furniture in the installation areas. We also remove any existing floor (carpet or tile) and then work to prepare the sub-floor. The structure of your subfloor will impact your hardwood flooring installation and so the repair of your subfloor to resolve squeaks, loose floorboards, and uneven ground are imperative to the overall success of the installation. We finish with cleaning the area one final time after all the repairs are made to make sure there are optimal conditions for the hardwood installation.

After the preparation is complete we get to work crafting your hardwood floors, with each floorboard laid start to see your new floors take shape. After your texture and stain are applied we then apply 3 coats of high-quality professional-grade finish to ensure the strength and longevity of your flooring. 

Step 4: Follow Through & Follow Up on Your Vision

Once your new hardwood has been installed we perform a final walk-through with you to address any questions and provide maintenance instructions so you know exactly how to take care of your new hardwood floors. All that is left to do from there is sit back and enjoy your craftsman hardwood.

The Kansas City Hardwood Flooring Craftsmen

Craftsman isn’t just a title at Totta Hardwoods – it’s a skill set that sets us apart from the rest of the Kansas City flooring companies. After noticing a lack of craft in the hardwood industry, the team at Totta Hardwoods decided to approach woodworking from a different angle. With a focus on teaching the craft of woodwork to the next generation of contractors, our Kansas City craftsmen care about doing the job right. We provide our clients beautiful floors that last a lifetime.

Developing Craftsmen for the Next Generation

We start by developing flooring craftsmen to be the future standard of woodworkers with the technical ability, but also with communication and care. Any flooring company can say they prioritize the art of making a hardwood floor, but Totta means it. As members of the National Wood Flooring Association, Totta Hardwoods trains their apprentices in the art of the craft, held to the highest standards in woodworking– in their training and on the job. 

Our “Common Courtesy” Promise

Our “Common Courtesy” promise keeps the environment safe for you and for us. We use dust and fume minimizing tools such as high-powered vacuums during the sanding process, and Greenguard certified finishing products to ensure minimal chemical emissions. 

Expert Flooring Results

It is our detailed process and commitment to the craft that allows us to say with confidence that we, Totta Hardwoods, are hardwood flooring experts. When you want beautiful hardwood floors installed in your home, you want the best hardwood flooring company in Kansas City, you want Totta Hardwoods. Our work speaks for itself. 


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