Great Flooring for Winters in Kansas City

As the seasons change we start to think about how we can stay warm during the brutal Kansas City winter. Inevitably we start to notice the cold tile more and seek out the comforts of the warmer carpeted areas. This is something we certainly think about when choosing new flooring for our homes. When looking at different types of flooring, you want to take into account not only their ability to withstand the vastly different seasons we experience here in the Midwest but how you can maintain comfort as well. When thinking about hardwood, you might be wondering, are hardwood floors a good flooring option for the “colder months”. Our answer, simply put – yes.

Types of Flooring for Heat Absorption


When comparing flooring quotes, carpets seem to be a warm and cheap option for a room, but carpet makes it difficult for air to flow evenly, causing carpeted homeowners to crank up the heat.

Furthermore, in the colder months, carpet can become problematic. It is not the ideal flooring when dealing with snow, salt, or mud, unlike hardwood.


There are more types of flooring for the winter months like tile flooring. One way you can work around the freezing cold tile in the cold winter mornings is by installing heated floors in combination with your tile. Because tile is made of ceramic or porcelain, it can easily absorb the heat from the “heated floors,” however, this option comes with a much higher flooring quote.


Hardwood flooring absorbs warmth, allowing heat to circulate throughout the space evenly. Hardwood floors are recognized for their durability and are also known to regulate your home’s temperature. Hardwood Floors can be a statement as well as a timeless investment into your home. It’s no secret that hardwood flooring brings up the value of your home, but hardwood does that on top of keeping your energy bills low and your home cozy.

Cleaning and Maintenance

When it comes to winterizing your home, a major issue with carpeting is the upkeep. Vacuums and regular carpet cleaning are a must, even in the colder months to avoid wet and stained carpet. Different types of flooring have their cleaning requirements, and hardwood is no different.

Keeping Hardwood away from Salt and Water Damage

Water and salt can do a number on your hardwood floors. The winter months are a great time to get a doormat for stomping the slush and salt off before walking on your hardwood flooring. Even with a good doormat, there will still be a bit of salt and water that sneaks off the mat. This means you will have to clean your floors regularly by sweeping and using wood cleaning solutions to remove dirt, salt, and dust.

Maintenance and Cleaning Services

If you find cleaning your hardwood flooring to be a handful, you are always able to hire an outside floor cleaning service. Totta Hardwoods offers a hardwood deep cleaning service to remove dirt and grime. Our cleaning services are safe and convenient. We do not use harsh chemicals, so there is no need for you to move your furniture from the room or even leave your home, while we are cleaning.

If you think your floors will be needing regular care past the colder seasons, there are also hardwood floor care plans to keep your floors clean, oiled, and recoated. With annual and quarterly plans, there’s a floor care service that works for everyone, especially if you’re just looking for hardwood floor finishing and care in the colder seasons.


Hardwood floors bring up the value of your home for a reason. They are a stylish and timeless option for any home and with so much versatility, any room can match your style when there is hardwood flooring installed. Change up your style or refresh what you currently have and know that your home will always look great when you start out with a strong base. You can decorate an eclectic space or a traditional room, and the floors can stay the same while the decor can change. Here are some ways to amplify your hardwood floors with warmth and personal flare.


Want the plush feeling of a carpet, but don’t want it to spread from wall to wall? Consider a rug for your hardwoods. Rugs naturally brighten a room with interesting colors or designs, but they don’t just accessorize the room. Rugs can protect furniture from sliding on the hardwood floors. With utility in mind, some rugs are made for your halls and front entryways to keep dirt and grime from building up on the higher traffic areas of your home. Compared to the permanence of a carpet, rugs give your home versatility in their ability to be changed over time.


If you’re looking for ways to keep the heat in your home, installing an additional barrier between your windows and the room helps keep the cold out and the heat in. Curtains are always a plus and can be designed to match the color of your rug, creating a stylish ambiance in your room. If you prefer no rugs, you can choose a statement curtain pattern to compliment your hardwood flooring.

When you work with Totta Hardwoods on your home’s hardwood installation you also have the opportunity to work with an interior designer (free of charge) to make sure your style is reflected in your space! Your personal preferences are just as important as a technical installation.

Hardwood Floor Finishing and Repairs

Winter months bring colder temperatures and less humidity. Not only can the cold be devastating for your skin, but your hardwood floors as well. While you lather on the lotion, know your floors could be looking for similar relief.

Have you noticed some cracks, splits, or gaps in your hardwood flooring? This is caused by the reduced humidity in your home. To avoid these cracks or splits, invest in a humidifier for your home, this will help keep moisture in the air in your home and help protect your floors (and your family as an added bonus). If you do start to see cracks or splits begin to form on your floors, call our craftsmen. We can come out for a hardwood flooring repair so that your floor looks good as new.

Is it possible to apply a hardwood floor finishing in the colder months? Absolutely! The cold dry months are great for drying a finish as there’s no humidity to make the curing process unpredictable. When you refinish your floors, you’re sealing all areas of your hardwood flooring, which keeps the cold out.

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