Thoughts on a Good Hardwood Guy

Mike Totta

Totta Hardwoods Owner, Mike Totta

My name is Mike Totta and I’m a hardwood guy in Kansas City, MO. I’m writing while I sit at the 2012 NWFA Expo which is the major trade show for our industry. I’ve been thinking lately about what separates a good hardwood guy from an average or poor hardwood guy. here are a few thoughts…

  1. Passion for the work– The possibilities in hardwood flooring are endless. It really is an art. If beautiful hardwood floors are not a passion for you then chances are you won’t go far in this business.
  2. Attention to detail and patience– there are plenty of guys that want to hurry up and get it done to collect a check and move on. To be good at this, you cannot rush it. Take the time to do the job right, and everybody is happy.
  3. Ability to listen and learn– every job is different and every client is different. You have to take the time to take these differences into account and act accordingly.
  4. Willingness to invest in good equipment– the best equipment is only as good as the operator, but a skilled operator coupled with great equipment is a beautiful floor waiting to happen.
  5. Determination to Sharpen your skills- like I said before, good equipment is not enough, there are always new things to learn and different techniques to use. It’s important to always be sharpening your skills.
  6. Ability to Adapt– just like every industry, our industry is always changing and new information is always available. Good hardwood guys realize this and stay on top of their stuff.

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