Totta’s Top 6 Reasons to Install Hardwood Flooring in Your Home

Your home’s flooring is used every day so it is important to have a style you love, and can last for decades. When looking through your flooring options, consider installing hardwood floors. There is an endless number of benefits that come with installing hardwood floors, but here are our top 6 reasons to install hardwood flooring in your home.

When it comes time to choose your home’s flooring, there are a lot of different variables to think about including:

  • Durability
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Longevity
  • Style
  • Price

1. Hardwood Floors are a Good Return on Investment

Finances are always a factor when it comes to investing in your home. Budget constraints, deals, and the longevity of your investment all have a heavy hand in your decision-making. Everyone wants to feel like they got a “good bang for their buck”. The last thing you want is to spend money on a “cheaper” option, only to turn around and have to replace it a few years later.

Choosing a floor for your home that looks great and lasts longer can end up saving you money in the long run. Hardwood floors are known for being durable and for increasing the value of any home. You’ve probably never heard of someone buying a home for the shag carpet or the white tile floors, but you often hear about “those beautiful hardwood floors”. When you’ve chosen to install hardwood floors, you increase your home’s overall value (in some cases you can increase the overall value of your home by 5%). Unlike other flooring options that may bring the price down, it’s a well-known fact that having hardwoods installed brings your home’s value up.

Hardwood floors not only help you increase the value of your home, getting you more money in pocket at the sale, but they last a lifetime. Don’t worry about replacing that worn-out carpet or outdated tile, hardwood floors are not only a timeless look, but they can be refinished and updated, and most importantly they last a lifetime. They won’t wear out on you like other flooring options will.

2. Hardwood Looks Great

With a timeless look, hardwood flooring has a look that goes with everything. You can change the interior design or color scheme of your home easily with a hardwood floor giving the space character and allowing you to express your style even as it evolves and changes.

If you’re looking for a change, the hardwood floor is known to complement the decor of almost any room. Whether you’re painting a room, buying new furniture, or adding a decorative rug, the hardwood floors naturally complement the design because the hardwood floors add a natural element to any space.

Don’t know where to start with the style choices? When you’re looking for a versatile floor, consult with Totta’s Kansas City craftsmen to discuss installing your hardwood floors. With a wide array of wood species and finishes, leave it to the experts to install hardwood flooring that matches your own unique style.

3. The Floors You Want, on your Budget

Not all hardwood flooring companies in Kansas City will have the hardwood flooring you desire available, let alone within your budget. With a wide list of factors playing into your price like species, stain, coat, cut, and width, Totta Hardwoods provides an in-depth consultation that allows you to explore all your options within your budget so that you can get hardwood flooring you and your wallet will love. Wood species alone provide endless options including –

  • Oak – A classic domestic species that is affordable because it’s a common style that is harvested in the US.
  • Reclaimed wood – Wood that was once used in an old schoolhouse or farmhouse, usually unique in style and also eco-friendly because it’s upcycled and re-used.
  • ExoticsExotic woods are known for their unique look and high durability. The most common types used for hardwood floors are Brazilian Cherry and Brazilian Walnut (Ipe).

There are premium options like exotic woods or traditional domestic woods, all varying in price. Some options like Oak or Maple are common classics at an affordable price. There are also prefinished flooring options of all colors and finishes that can look just as good as an on-site hardwood flooring installation, with high durability and fast installation, making your hardwood flooring choice completely dependent on your unique needs.

4. Friendly for Pets and Children

Messes happen, and when you install hardwood flooring, you no longer have to worry about losing small toys in the carpet, or stepping on a damp pet accident or spill. Hardwood floors are durable and made to be walked on. If the kids forget to take off their shoes or the dog tracks in the mud, you won’t get any immediate wear and tear. The same elements would be devastating to a carpet.

Hardwood floors are easy to clean, and also easier to spot messes on, but it’s not always the messes we’re worried about. When considering what floors you want for your home you might be considering the possibility of pets scratching the floors, there are hardwood options for this! Within your hardwood options are your textures allowing you to choose a combination of a durable species and a hand-scraped or wire brush texture that helps hide minor scratches that might get caused by a pet.

Regardless of your hardwood choices if a scratch needs repairs there are recoating services that can ensure the hardwood stays in peak condition. If your dog puts a scratch into the finishing, there are repair services where you can get a quote and assess the damages.

5. Clean and Allergy Free

Hardwood flooring makes your home look beautiful, but did you know it also helps with the air quality? Hardwood flooring is easy to clean and eliminates common allergens like pet dander and dust mites that would usually be lingering in flooring like carpet. Since hardwood floors don’t trap the dust and dirt within your home, the occasional sweeping will clear out any possible allergens from your air, increasing your air quality. While we all wish the same were true for carpeting, dust mites and pet dander can cling onto the microfibers within your carpet. Without a deep clean, those common allergens linger within your carpet.

Not only is hardwood a great option for those looking to reduce their allergies, but they are easy to clean. You can mop up any spills or muddy tracks on your hardwood floors, keeping your home smelling fresh. With a carpet, scents often get trapped in the fibers, requiring you to shampoo your floors regularly to avoid having a “wet dog” smell lingering in the air. What you see is truly what you get with hardwood floors.

When you want a fresh clean floor, consider consulting install hardwood flooring companies for a deep cleaning service. Totta Hardwoods offers a cleaning service, along with additional hardwood flooring care plans to give your home fresh floors year-round. Our floor cleaning service is quick, simple, and safe. There are no harsh chemicals involved, so you won’t have to vacate, and the floor cleaning only takes a couple of hours to complete.

6. Easy on your Energy Bill

When you choose to install hardwood flooring, you also choose to lower your yearly energy bill. Hardwood floors are adaptable, keeping your home cool in the summer, and absorbing and regulating heat in the winter. This ultimately leads to an energy-saving effect. We know Kansas City can have some hot summers and some brutal winters, so every little advantage counts.

Is there anything worse than coming back inside from a hot and humid day, stepping on your warm fibrous carpet? Similarly, it’s always disappointing after a cold commute home, walking into your home ready to be warmed, and your tile floors are chilly upon entering. Help keep your home regulated with your hardwood flooring, and your energy bill will thank you.

Questions for our Experts?

If you’re wondering who to call for a Kansas City flooring installation, look no further than Totta Hardwoods. Our expert craftsmen are here to meet with you and get started. Schedule a consultation today so we can create flooring you will love to walk on.

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