apartment with white walls and hardwood flooring and big windows.

The Kansas City Craftsmen – Totta Hardwoods

When deciding on your hardwood floor you could hire any floor repairmen, or you could choose an actual craftsman. When you’re looking into flooring companies, you’re also looking for craftsmanship that will last your family years down the road. There’s always going to be a flooring company that offers to install or repair a floor as quickly as possible. 

Here at Totta Hardwoods, we take the art of craftsmanship and skill to new levels. With our family-owned and operated flooring company, we started by noticing there was a lack of quality craftsmanship in the area. From there, we spent the last 15 years serving Kansas City quality flooring with our quality values. 

Where it all began

It all started when the Totta brothers, Mike and Ben, noticed a lack of quality hardwood flooring in the Kansas City area. In 2006 they decided to remedy that by founding Totta Hardwoods. What started as a local family-owned business quickly transformed into a specialty in woodworking. Now with a team of craftsmen, Totta Hardwoods is known for their attention to detail and common courtesy. 

Developing Craftsmen

Noticing a lack of quality woodworking in the industry, Totta Hardwoods got to work creating a training program known as the Craftsmen Track which teaches and develops flooring craftsmen and repairmen for the next generation of woodworkers. 

This program is overseen by Ben, who currently works as an instructor with the National Wood Flooring Association. The Craftsmen Track develops our apprentices in the skills and techniques of woodworking, while also developing the core values of Totta Hardwoods. It is this dedication to craftsmanship, coupled with our core values that make us an industry leader in hardwood flooring.

At the core, Totta Hardwoods makes massive strides to provide excellent service with their values:

  • Confident Humility – with humble beginnings, there’s never a moment where we aren’t working to do our best quality work in a timely manner.
  • Uncompromised Craftsmanship – We train our craftsmen for a minimum of 2 years, specializing them in the art of crafting beautiful hardwood floors.
  • Ownership Mindset – We want your home to be the best it can be, and that’s why we work on the basis of respecting your home like it is our own. We don’t just care about the floors, we care about the family who lives on them.
  • Genuine Care – At the heart of it all, is our care for you, your home, and the craft. We pride ourselves on treating every home with care.

With our Common Courtesy promise, we strive to maintain a safe environment for your family and your home.

Uncommon Craftsmanship with Common Courtesy

With over 14 years of experience in the flooring installation industry of Kansas City, Totta Hardwoods has raised the bar for what a quality hardwood flooring company looks like. As members of the National Wood Floor Association, Totta Hardwoods always works with the mindset of giving uncommon craftsmanship with common courtesy

We start our process with a consultation. This gives you a blueprint for our process of installing your floors in a timely manner as well as an in-depth look at your family and home’s unique needs. This ensures you get the best hardwood flooring for your needs.

Communication with clients is key to ensuring the highest possible results. After the consultation, we get right to work, respecting your home in every way possible. Totta Hardwoods is GreenGuard air certified. This means we’ll give your home a safe eco-friendly environment in all flooring processes, so you can feel safe during the flooring installation

apartment with white walls and hardwood flooring and big windows.

Our Craftsmen Specialties

It’s not all just uncommon craftsmanship and common courtesy! Our craftsmen are specialized in all things hardwood. The Totta Hardwoods craftsmen can do hardwood floor installations, flooring repair and refinishing, hardwood stairs and railings, pre-finished floors, and hardwood floor deep cleaning. If it’s woodwork and it needs craftsmanship, we’re able to work on it! 

When you consult with us, we check-in and communicate throughout the process to make sure all your woodworking needs are being met. With all our services, we can personalize a plan that works for your home– on your time. 

Quality in Kansas City

There are many flooring companies and repairmen who offer similar options. When choosing Totta Hardwoods, you’re choosing a flooring company that cares about your family and home. As a family-owned business striving to bring quality back into hardwood flooring, you can rest assured knowing our core values work toward making your home’s flooring top-notch. 

Our craftsmen love the art of making a beautiful hardwood floor. With attention to detail and communication in all processes, you never have to wonder if we’re on the same page from beginning to end. With 14 years of expertise, we serve Kansas City with hardwood floors of the highest standard. Our family-owned business is here for your floors. 

If you want an expert craftsman at Totta Hardwoods to create a plan for your home’s floors, we are available for consultations