Even good hardwood flooring can sustain damage. Whether it is water damage or a deep scratch or gouge leaving a blemish on your home, Totta Hardwoods can tackle the job.

A lot of life is lived on your floors, but you don’t necessarily want to relive all those memories through marks and scars left on your hardwood. Make sure you can focus on building new positive memories in your home and eliminate the imperfection. With the help of our team there will be no need to hide damage on your beautiful floors with rugs and furniture.


Repair Damaged Floors

Life happens. When your floors are suffering from damages, Totta Hardwoods is the team to call to restore your floors to peak condition. In many cases, we can provide fixes for minor scratches without the need to completely refinish the entire hardwood floor. Solutions often include board replacements for both onsite finished boards and prefinished boards.

Splitting or Cracking

Even for the most attentive homeowners, there is always a chance for their hardwood floors to develop small splits or cracks in the surface of the wood. The good thing is that repairs can be made without working on the entire floor!


Oftentimes, Mother Nature can be blamed for the damages that hardwood flooring sustains. Wood expands and contracts relative to the humidity in the air as it tries to reach equilibrium. That expansion and contraction will cause the hardwood floors to gap or cup. However, Mother Nature has nothing on Totta Hardwoods who are always prepared for a repair!


When flooding or extreme moisture conditions occur, buckling, or the warping and lifting of the subfloor, can happen. We take the steps necessary to ensure that your damaged hardwood planks are replaced and seamlessly integrated back into your floor.


Similar to buckling, cupping can appear when the edges of the hardwood planks rise up while the center of the board sinks down. The cause of cupped floors is a moisture imbalance where there is more water on the bottom side of the wood plank than the top side. Just like buckling, our team can neatly integrate the replacement boards.


Warped wood is a symptom of a much bigger problem that needs to be addressed. You will rarely see warped wood as the result of faulty installation. More likely, it is a sign of extreme moisture problems within the home. When you are experiencing warped wood, let Totta Hardwoods come out to assess the problem and provide some solutions for how to fix your floors and maintain them moving forward.

Everything in between

Call us to assess your damage no matter what the issue is!  We are here to help give you the best advice on how to best resolve the problem, as well as provide a detailed quote for the repair work needed.
  • Totta Hardwoods always perform at a level of excellence. I have had multiple rooms where they have replaced carpet and put in beautiful hardwood flooring. In addition, I have had some existing hardwood floors sanded and refinished. All the work is beautiful.

    Robert Brunk Avatar Robert Brunk
    August 30, 2020
  • I have used Totta Hardwood for several flooring projects. Always professional and get the job done right and on time.

    Chris ODell Avatar Chris ODell
    August 30, 2022
  • Cody and his crew did a great job. Floors look great. Five star rating all the way around. Would recommend Totta Hardwood Flooring to anyone any time. Great job guys.

    Howard Furr Avatar Howard Furr
    August 30, 2020
  • We absolutely love our hardwood floors! We had Totta add new hardwood to part of our main level and refinish the existing hardwood. They were professional, friendly and experienced. When we made a last minute change to the color, Jordan and Sam helped walk through all the different options and gave their helpful opinions. I very much appreciated how timely they were each day and how clean they left the work area at the end of the day. We would recommend Totta to anyone looking for hardwood work.

    Heather Herr Avatar Heather Herr
    August 30, 2020
  • I highly recommend Totta Hardwoods and I will use them for any future projects we have. Randy and his coworker are conscientious, polite, excellent with communication, and phenomenal craftsman. The owner, Mike, is also responsive, coscientious, and courteous. Our floor was originally installed by a different company in 2021 but needed to be refinished because of an issue we had with our dishwasher. In all honesty, I think my floor looks better than it did when it was originally installed. Thank you, Totta!

    Tammy E Avatar Tammy E
    September 22, 2023
  • Totta restored my 107 year old original hard wood floors. I could not be happier. From professionalism to highest quality work and customer satisfaction, they are the best. I absolutely live my floors. Giving up carpet for such nice floors has changed my home, it is actually more comfortable. So organic. I was afraid of difficult maintenance. But they it is actually very easy to maintain. Their cleaner is the only one I trust. If you want it done right, call Totta!♥️

    C Blake Avatar C Blake
    September 30, 2022
  • The attention to detail aswell as the amount of education they have in the hardwood flooring leaves this company second to none. Well maintained company with the latest tools and knowledge to run them with grace and care.

    Jordan's Flooring Avatar Jordan's Flooring
    August 30, 2020
  • Totta Hardwoods did an exvellent job at restoring my beat up floors. They were professional and on time. They finished my whole house in just four days. I highly recommend them.

    Kyle McQuillan Avatar Kyle McQuillan
    January 30, 2023




Step 1: Clarify & Capture

We start by identifying the problem. Depending on the damages found on your floors, you may need assistance to stop the spread of the damage. Call our hardwood flooring contractors to come out and assess any flooring imperfections with you. We will complete a meticulous review of the damages and give you an exhaustive recommendation that you can use to make your decisions going forward.


Step 2: Focus & Finalize

Your home should be a place where you come to relax and build deeper relationships with your family, not a space where you worry about existing damages. We want to help make this process as stress free as possible by giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our team will work around your schedule to make sure we can get your flooring back to perfection in a timely manner.


Step 3: Furnish & Fulfill Your Vision

Prep Your Home

We will make sure the area is prepped for the repairs.

  • Removal of Furniture
    We work with vetted companies to have your furniture professionally removed from the work area.

  • Removal of damaged boards if necessary
    We can remove any damaged boards if necessary, and we will even arrange the disposal of the old flooring.

  • Clean workspace for optimal installation
    We make sure that the entire area is clean before we even start our work to ensure the best possible repair from start to finish.

Replace the Damaged Wood

Using the information we gathered during our review, we will find the best match to replace your damaged pieces. This will ensure the smooth transition from existing wood to new wood.

Harmonious Look

After the repairs or installation of new boards, we will sand, texture, and stain the wood to fit the existing flooring. To finish off the floor we will seal it with the topcoat that fits your needs. We use Eco-friendly products that allow you to safely stay in your home as we work on your hardwood flooring.


Step 4: Follow Through & Follow Up

No longer will you have to stare at the blemish left by your damaged flooring. Our seamless look will leave you wondering if there ever was damages.




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If more than one small area of your flooring is damaged, you may need to refinish the entire area. Take a look at our options for rejuvenating, and even updating your existing floors.


Maintenance Plan

Avoid future damage to your floors by scheduling routine maintenance! This can extend the life of your floors and keep them looking pristine.


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