Custom Flooring with Less Time and Less Mess

When time is of the essence, prefinished hardwood flooring can be installed quickly and conveniently. Some prefinished hardwood flooring also offers increased durability because the finishes are applied in a factory under fixed conditions where certain hardening chemicals can be used that are not safe to apply onsite.

Prefinished hardwood flooring also offers a broader range of options for hand-scraping and distressed looks that can be achieved more economically than their on-site-finished counterpart.

My experience with Totta Hardwood was wonderful in every way. I am a very happy customer. I had just bought a beautiful older home and I was so incredibly relieved that they were able to fix my acrylic waxed ruined floors. – Karla

The floors are beautiful. These folks were great to work with. They scheduled the work to fit with our schedule. – Joyce

We used Totta to refinish our hardwood floors and to replace carpet with hardwood floors at the same time. The way they laced the current hardwood into the new hardwood was amazing! They are truly craftsmen that take a lot of pride in their work and do things the right way. – John

They were meticulous and extremely hard working craftsmen. We hit a couple unforeseen bumps along the way, and the crew / owner worked with us to make sure our flooring outcome was a total success. We received quick and thoughtful responses when we had questions. – Laura

The work was great! The staff arrived on time and kept us posted of their progress from start to finish. The quality was exactly what we hoped for. The technicians could not have been more courteous and diligent. – Annette


Time Savings: The installation of a prefinished wood floor takes 1-3 days on average and there is no dry-time or cure time to contend with.

Furniture: furniture can be shuffled around the working area rather than completely removed from the house.

Durability: Due to the multiple layers of coating at the factory for prefinished flooring can be extremely durable and the finish is usually under warranty by the manufacturer. It is also cured long before it is installed making it a good choice for pet-friendly homes.


Prefinished wood floors will never be as smooth and flat overall as an onsite finished floor. Additionally, you can experience some color variations between the boards since every piece is stained separately in a factory. Manufacturers are constantly discontinuing product lines so it may be very challenging to obtain more of the same flooring down the line if you need to.

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