Revive the natural glow of your floors with this quick beautification system.

Every hardwood floor needs a deep cleaning from time to time, regardless of how much effort you place into maintaining them.

Quick, easy and affordable  • Removes dirt, grime and build-up • Keeps hardwood floors looking their best • Increases life of hardwood flooring

Benefits of hardwood floor deep cleaning


No need to vacate home, and we work around your furniture


Clean process, with no harsh chemicals.


Cost Effective and time efficient. Most jobs can be complete in a matter of hours.

If you are wanting your floor to be as clean as possible, maybe for a special event or holiday, or because it has not been done in a while, Totta Hardwoods can help.

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Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaning

We offer hardwood floor deep cleaning that is done with a scrubbing machine and a wood specific cleaning solution. We will get your floor looking as clean and fresh as it can be.

The deep cleaning process is both affordable and quick. This hardwood floor deep cleaning process is used in multiple industries from restaurants and commercial property to residential homes as well.

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Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaning in Kansas City

If you’re looking brighten up the room with a hardwood floor deep cleaning, call Totta Hardwood Flooring in Kansas City today for an estimate at (816) 507-5281