Hardwood Floor Care Plans

Routine Maintenance Will Extend The Life of Your Floors

Save money while creating a better home environment for you and your family

Your hardwood floors are an investment in the beauty and environment of you home.

Have you noticed your hardwood floors losing their luster and developing wear marks?  Dirt and grime can’t hide on hardwood floors like they can on carpet. Your hardwood floors are an investment in the beauty and environment of you home. Therefore, a maintenance plan is essential for protecting and maintaining hardwood floor investment. Totta Hardwoods is your source for a hardwood floor cleaner.

A routine deep cleaning is the best way to clean hardwood floors. Along with your daily sweeping and weekly mopping/vacuuming, a deep cleaning will refresh and renew your floors. We know your life is business and scheduling flooring cleaning can seem overwhelming. Choose one of our service plan help keep your floors looking their best year round.


*Plans below are based on 500 sqft. Hard penetrating oil finishes requiring a Universal Oil may be subject to additional cost. See our Deep Cleaning service page for more information on the cleaning process.

SAVE 20%


Starting at
$179.99 /quarterly
SAVE 10%


Starting at
$202.49 /bi-annually


Starting at
$224.99 /yearly
Cleaning Discount
Cleaning Discount
Deep Clean
Deep Clean 4x year 2x year 1x year
  Annual Universal Oil Application
Annual Universal Oil Application when applicable
  10% off Service Calls
10% off Service Calls
  10% Recoating Service
10% off Recoating Service
  Cleaning Kit
Cleaning Kit

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