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Replacing vs. Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Has your hardwood floors seen better days?

If you’ve had your hardwood floors a while, they may have seen better days. To bring new life back into your floors, you’ve got a couple of options; replacing or refinishing hardwood floors. Both of which can yield beautiful results.

To Refinish or Replace — That is the Question

Here are 3 factors that determine whether refinishing or replacing your hardwood floors is the best option for you.

1. What’s the condition/age of your current floors?

If your floors are deeply scratched or worn bare, very old (think centuries, not decades) or have been refinished more than five times, replacing might be the option for you. A good way to tell is if you can see where the boards should fit together or if your floors don’t seem very sturdy, it’s probably time to seriously consider replacing them.  On the other hand, if you’re just dealing with normal wear and tear over the years, though, you can achieve like-new results with refinishing.  Additionally, if only certain sections of your hardwoods are severely damaged, you can opt to replace just those sections.

2. Do you want a new look for your floors, or do you like what you have?

If you like the floors you have except for the wear and tear, then refinishing is a great option to preserve the hardwoods you already have.  If you’re ready for a style update, though, replacing them will get you as many choices as your budget can afford.

3. How much of a budget do you have?

In almost all cases, it’s going to be less expensive to refinish hardwood floors as opposed to replacing them entirely.  That being said, refinishing generally takes more time than replacing them.  Refinishing can be very challenging if you have a busy household with pets and kids and you’re refinishing a high-traffic area.

Talk to the Hardwood Professionals at Totta Hardwoods

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