We take great pride in the quality of our hardwood floor refinishing

Our process from start to finish follows the best practices in the hardwood floor refinishing industry. Our craftsmen have been trained and certified in order to provide the highest quality hardwood flooring.

refinished floor example


Many hardwood flooring companies skip from low to high grit sand paper. Sanding a floor in this manner will leave an uneven finish and early finish wear in high traffic areas. We do not skip any steps in our hardwood floor refinishing process. We increase the grit gradually so you get a flat surface with as much durability as possible. We also use top of the line equipment including planetary sanders to ensure our floors are as flat as possible.


Before the final sanding step on your hardwood floors, we trowel-fill the entire floor with wood filler. This step eliminates any small gaps or cracks that may be in your floor making it look brand-new again.


We will stain your hardwood floors any color available. We only use professional-grade stain made specifically for hardwood floors so it will not fade over time. We also water-pop each floor to open up the grain just before staining. This ensures that the stain penetrates the wood deeply and evenly and maximizes the life of your floor. If staining doesn’t achieve the look you want, we have a variety of techniques to achieve the desired color and texture.


Your floor will be finished with three coats of high quality professional-grade finish. We abrade the hardwood floors prior to applying the final coat so you are left with a finish that is as smooth as possible.