Hardwood before carpet

Matching Existing Floor when Replacing Carpet with Hardwood

Replacing carpet with hardwood floors can help with allergies.

We recently did a project for a client whose son had a lot of allergies. Because of this, they wanted to remove all the carpet in the home and replace it with hardwood. They already had hardwood flooring on the majority of their first floor. they had carpet in 3 rooms on the first floor and on the entire second floor. They weren’t sure if we’d be able to match the new floor with the existing one or if they should go with a different floor altogether. I assured them that we could get a perfect match, and we could also “lace-in” the new floor with the old so it would flow perfectly without any transitions.

The picture at the top of the page shows the existing hardwood meeting up with the old carpet.

Hardwood with carpet replaced

Matched floor after we laced-in the new wood and sanded and finished everything.

See more pictures of this floor.

Whether or not allergies are a concern for you, replacing carpet with hardwood is always a nice upgrade.