A whole lot of life is lived on top of hardwood floors. We don’t believe it is necessary to relive those memories through marks and scars left on your hardwood. We remove imperfections and allow you to focus on the beauty of your home. With the help of our team here at Totta Hardwoods, it is no longer necessary to hide damage on your floors with rugs or furniture.


Damaged Floor Repair in Lee's Summit

Even the homeowners who are the most attentive to their hardwood floorings can not foresee small splits or cracks in the surface of the wood. Luckily in this case repairs usually only require a single board replacement.

Splitting or Cracking

Even for the most attentive homeowners, there is always a chance for their hardwood floors to develop small splits or cracks in the surface of the wood. The good thing is that repairs can be made without working on the entire floor!


Wood expands and contracts as the wood tries to reach an equilibrium often leaving small gaps between floorboards. This is often due to changing humidity levels.  Contact us if your floors are suffering from gapping.


Extreme moisture can cause buckling and warping of your floors. When this happens we take the necessary steps to replace your damaged flooring and find the source of the problem so we can prevent further damage in the future.


Similar to buckling, when the edges of hardwood planks begin to rise up, this is known as cupping. What causes a cupped floor is an imbalance of moisture. Our team implements board replacement strategies to solve cupping problems.


Rarely will wood warp due to a faulty installation. It is more likely a sign of a moisture problem in the home. Let Totta Hardwoods assess your problems and provide solutions to fixing warped wood.

Everything in between

No matter the problem we have the solution. Call us to assess your damage and get a detailed quote
  • Great work for a fair price! The hardwood floors in our 60 year old house now look brand new!

    Eileen Land Avatar Eileen Land
    August 30, 2021
  • We were referred by 3 people who used Totta. I was so impressed that I didn’t even get multiple quotes. When Ben came out to give me a quote he took a thorough evaluation of the floors and answered all questions. We have Red Oak floors so I was worried about the pink and blue hues coming through on lighter colored floors. Extra time was spent to make sure that we were happy with the Rustic Beige color. Josh and Matt were the ones working on our floors and they were fantastic! Very knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to answer questions. My floors are beautiful and I would highly recommend using Totta.

    Deb Bosak Avatar Deb Bosak
    August 16, 2023
  • The experience with Totta Hardwoods was amazing. From the very first estimate visit to the completion of the floors, I was pleased with the courtesy, efficiency, quality of workmanship and overall care of my wood floors. It was magical to observe how they laced into existing 15-year-old floors, sanded the old and new and stained the entire area that now looks brand new!

    Kay Spikes Avatar Kay Spikes
    August 30, 2021
  • We have used Totta Hardwoods twice and both have been good experiences. The young men who came every day were such hard workers, polite in every way, and got the job done in a timely manner. We appreciate the help Mike gave us in finding a match to the other flooring in our home. I highly recommend this company.

    Kay Schaefer Avatar Kay Schaefer
    April 30, 2023
  • We had Totta Hardwoods install new hardwood floors throughout our home on a major remodel project. Alex and team were skilled craftsmen and not only met, but exceeded our expectations. They were meticulous, efficient, courteous, mindful and diligent in their work. We couldn’t be happier. Without reservation, we provide this 5 star review and highly recommend Totta Hardwoods to anyone!! Thank You!!

    Tim Berry Avatar Tim Berry
    August 30, 2020
  • Our Totta experience just finished up and we couldn’t be happier or prouder of our home. We interviewed 3 companies to sand and refinish our 1,000+ sq ft hardwood floor and only Totta uses a vacuum system which cut down tremendously on dust and thus the mess. Our team came with the best leader, Randy, who bent over backwards to make our decisions easier and therefore replaced anxiety with excitement. Our experience included a professional moving company that took the worry and hassle out of how we were going to get our furniture out of the way and then carefully moved back in right where we wanted it, a big shout out to Anthony of Familytime Moving and crew, they were professional, personable and quick! Thank you Mike Totta for an impressive interview which got the ball rolling. We highly recommend Totta Hardwoods.

    Carla Harmon Avatar Carla Harmon
    June 30, 2023
  • Our floors where built in 1939 oak floor, the previous owner put linoleum down on part of the floor. Totta took up the linoleum and refinished all the oak floors in the living room and hall way. They are beautiful, I think they look more beautiful than they were when they were put down. Just guessing I am not that old. We had our kitchen floors refinished by a different company a year ago and Totta's makes those floors look like they didn't finish them, so I am having them come back out and redo the kitchen floors so they look as beautiful as the living room floor. They did a GREAT job! Will never use anyone else to finish the other floors in my house.

    Sherry Ellison Avatar Sherry Ellison
    August 30, 2021
  • Very professional and helpful from the beginning. We had a floor installed and another repaired that was badly damaged — they all look great. The crew was easy and actually fun to work with, as well as prompt and responsive. Well worth what we paid for. Highly recommend.

    Jeff Tamblyn Avatar Jeff Tamblyn
    August 30, 2021




Step 1: Clarify & Capture

The process begins by first identifying the problem. You may need assistance to stop the spread of the damage depending on the type of damage and the source of the damage. Our hardwood flooring contractors assess the damage to determine the extent of the repairs needed.


Step 2: Focus & Finalize

Our team of contractors knows how important it is that your home be a place you can relax. We help you with this by replacing the damaged flooring. We are known for making the repair process stress-free by giving you all the information and allow you to make an informed decision.


Step 3: Furnish & Fulfill Your Vision

Prep Your Home

We will make sure the area is prepped for the repairs.

  • Removal of Furniture
    We remove the furniture needed to make the repairs.
  • Removal of damaged boards
    We can remove any damaged floorboards if necessary (Not all repairs will need a full board replacement).

  • Clean workspace for optimal installation
    We make sure that the entire area is clean before we even start our repair work.

Replace the Damaged Wood

Our team uses the information we gathered in our initial review to replace your damaged pieces with an exact match. This will ensure the smooth transition from existing wood to new wood.

Harmonious Look

After the repairs are complete, we will sand, texture, and stain the wood to ensure the newly repaired wood blends in with your existing floors. We also use Eco-friendly products that allow you to safely stay in your home as we work.


Step 4: Follow Through & Follow Up

The blemish is gone! No more damaged flooring, you are left with a uniform floor that no longer needs to be hidden.




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Not sure if your floors need repairs, but know they need work? Refinishing might be a better fit when looking to update a large area.


Maintenance Plan

Routine maintenance is a key component to avoid future damages. Look into our maintenance plans and extend the life of your floors.


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