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How to Keep Cool This Summer

As summer approaches, everyone wants to get away from the heat. To escape the muggy Kansas summers people head indoors to the crisp refreshing air conditioning. But to get a break from the heat, you usually have to pay to stay comfortable. As the temperatures outside rise, so does your electric bill. You can do certain things to make sure your home stays cool like keeping your blinds closed and keeping your ceiling fans on, but it isn’t enough to keep your home safe from the extreme heat outside. In the summer Kansas and Missouri residents can expect rising electric bills as the A/C is cranked up to keep cool. 

At Totta Hardwoods, we are here to keep your home’s temperature cool and your wallet comfortable. 

Do Hardwood Floors Help Keep My Home Cooler?

When it comes to the extreme temperatures here in the midwest you think of all the ways you can keep cool without spending too much – 

  • Ceiling fans, window units, portable fans
  • New windows
  • Keeping the blinds shut
  • New door seals
  • Ice tea, ice cream, plain ole ice
  • Yelling at people to keep the doors shut
  • Pool, sprinklers, and misters

If you live in Kansas City, you have probably mastered all the tricks to keeping your electric bills and your thermostat low in the summer, but have you thought about your flooring?

Hardwood flooring is not only a timeless and beautiful flooring option, but they can also help you save some money and stay cool in the summer heat. Hardwood floors do an amazing job of helping control the interior temperature of your house. After a long walk have you ever seen your pet plop down on the cool tile? The same concept is true for hardwood. Turns out it is all in the science. With carpeted flooring, the heat absorbs into the floors, making it great for the cold months, but warm in the summer months. Hardwood naturally has the ability to match the temperature year-round, not absorbing heat as easily as your carpet. Hardwood floors acclimate and adapt to any temperatures your home endures, making it comfortable and cool throughout the summer season. 

If you are really looking for a way to stay cool and regulate your bills, have your ceiling fans throughout your home running. The ceiling fans circulate the air and help the cool air move throughout your home, while the hardwood flooring easily matches the temperature of its environment. Hit that summer heat with a one-two punch of ceiling fans and hardwood flooring. 

If you’re looking to save on your energy bill, and are interested in updating your flooring then hardwood may be a great option. With many hardwood styles, you’re bound to find one that makes your home cool– in looks and in temperature.

Hardwood Flooring: Keep Your Cool this Summer

Nothing is better than summer break, kids out playing in the backyard, swimming, running through sprinklers, playing soccer – it’s a great time to make some memories! But how many of us remember dad yelling to “shut the door, do you think I am made out of money?” As parents ourselves we can’t help but give a sympathetic laugh as we experience the same pain as kids come trucking in and out. 

But rising electric bills aren’t the only concern? Sopping wet kids and pets running in and out of the house back to the pool can leave wet and muddy footprints throughout your home. Trips to the bathroom trips for a snack, trips back inside just to chat, no matter their reasoning they stand there soaking wet. If you have carpet, you are left with a huge mess! 

Hardwoods are durable against the muddy paw prints of pets and running feet of children. There is easy no-fuss cleaning, just mop up the dirt and water with a towel or mop. If you have a lot of traffic coming through your home, Totta Hardwoods has you covered. With great cleaning services, Totta Hardwoods is here to keep your floors looking great year-round.

Hardwood Installation Services that Work Around Your Schedule!

Are you planning your next big summer vacation? Summer is a great time to install hardwood flooring. Whether it’s a shorter getaway trip or a big trip to the beach // overseas, there’s a hardwood flooring option that works for every home and timeline. Take a vacation and come back to wonderful hardwood and a comfortable home temperature. There is never a better time to get your dream flooring.

Finding a hardwood flooring company in Kansas City doesn’t have to be hard! Schedule a consultation with our experts at Totta Hardwoods, and we’ll find the hardwood floors to get your home summer-ready.