Hardwood Floors with Kids and Pets — Is it Possible?

Dog on hardwood floorMany people think they should wait until their kids are out of the house — and have taken the pets with them — to install the hardwood floors they’ve always dream of. But why should you wait 20 years or more to have something that can bring you joy now and for all those years to come? In this blog we will dive into the best flooring for pets and kids.

Hardwood Floors and Kids

The truth is, carpet is going to look a lot worse for the wear when it comes to absorbing damage from kids.  Think of all the muddy soccer, football and baseball cleats, the spilled chocolate milk, the day every family has when the kids decide to take their crayons and markers to the walls and carpets!  The great thing about hardwood floors is they clean easily.  A little mud?  Just wipe it up.  Spilled milk? Paper towels take care of it.  And crayons and markers on hardwoods just don’t have the same appeal as color-absorbent carpet.

Best Flooring for Pets

While carpet traps dirt, pet hair and odors deep down in the fibers of the carpet, you’ll have no such trouble with hardwood floors.  Cleaning up messes is as easy as paper towels, a wood-safe cleaner, and a solid broom and dustpan set.

The Right Hardwoods For Your Home

Totta Hardwood Flooring has hardwood flooring solutions for every household, and we can teach you how to care for and maintain them for as long as you live in your house.  Don’t wait to make the upgrade you really want, throwing away years replacing lackluster carpet time and again.  Get the beautiful hardwood flooring you really want, with the reassurance that — even with kids and pets — you’ll have gorgeous hardwood floors that are easy to care for and maintain for as long as you own your house. If you’d like more information about Totta Hardwood Flooring, give us a call at 816-507-5281, or fill out our consultation request form.

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