Hardwood Flooring Best Practices in 2022

Hardwood floors are a timeless classic for any home and we don’t see this going anywhere in 2022. As the real estate market in Kansas City continues to stay hot, hardwood flooring is a sought-after asset for any home on the market. Not only are they a durable clean option, but they allow for ample styling opportunities that homeowners just can’t find with other flooring options. 

But how are hardwood flooring trends changing in 2022? What are people looking for when they choose hardwood flooring? What are the projected interior design trends in 2022? Are there new best practices for hardwood flooring? Whether you are looking to buy a house in 2022 or you are looking to update your own home, understanding the upcoming trends will help you determine how your personal style and hardwood flooring style can all meet to create a home you’ll love.

Interior Design’s Impact on Flooring in 2022

When thinking about your flooring it is important to take into account the interior design trends for this year as well. The trends and our design choices will ultimately affect our flooring decisions as well. While there are bound to be many design trends that come out of 2022, we focus on a few found in Good Housekeeping’s “The Interior Design Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2022” by Monique Valeris that we are already starting to see take shape in homes here in Kansas City now.


People continue to seek out sustainable options in furniture and decor for their homes and this doesn’t end there. They are looking for sustainable flooring options. Something that not only lasts the test of time but is eco-friendly as well. For this reason, hardwood floors continue to be a hot trend in flooring. For those looking for a sustainable flooring option, look for – 

  • Refinished Floors – If you have existing hardwood floors that you do not like, there is no need to rip them out, throw them away, and replace them altogether. The beautiful thing about hardwood is it can be refinished. By simply working with an expert who can properly sand the old finish and stain off you are given a new blank canvas to work from. Work alongside your expert to choose a new stain and finish that better matches your personal style. the same floor can give you a totally new feel after a floor refinishing. This is by far the most sustainable option for any homeowner looking to update their floors.
  • Reclaimed or Refurbished Hardwood Floors – The use of reclaimed wood is a great sustainable and eco-friendly hardwood flooring option. By taking wood from another building like an old school, barn, or warehouse and repurposing it for your home, you are bringing new life and purpose to that material. Reclaimed hardwood is a great way to re-use existing materials to create a unique flooring option for your home.
  • Install Hardwood Floors – Look at many of the beautiful historic houses in Kansas City right now and what you are almost guaranteed to find in any of them is their “original hardwood floors”. Hardwood floors are a durable long-lasting timeliness choice of flooring that is proven to stand the test of time, just look around you. If you don’t have hardwood floors and are looking to install them they are a great option that will last the test of time making them a great sustainable option for any home.

Lasting Style

Sustainability and the effects of Covid-19 have definitely impacted our home trends. Our views on our style and how we purchase have made an impact on our overall interior design tastes. Creating a space that is uniquely ours has become more important than ever. We continue to see people take time to curate a long-lasting style that is reflected through their thoughtful purchasing choices – opting for pieces that are diverse and durable. These choices are undoubtedly intentional ways to curate a personal style that allows each piece of furniture they love to evolve with their evolving style. 

The mindset shift towards personalization and longevity is a perfect match for those looking to advance their homes along with them and choosing a timeless flooring option is part of that equation. Hardwood flooring is that perfect balance between individualized style and longevity – with so many options in styling your home, hardwood floors are never a hindrance in advancing your personal style. As your style evolves this timeless flooring option evolves with it.

Traditional Style

As described in Good Housekeeping, we see a trend towards traditional, natural materials like marble and wood. These long-lasting natural elements provide quality without limiting your ability to personalize your home. 

What Type of Wood Flooring Is Right for You?

It is clear that hardwood flooring is a timeless option that continues to trend year-in and year-out and 2022 is no different, but how do you determine what flooring is right for you? What is a short-lived flooring trend and what is something you will love in 2022 and for the years to come?


It starts by choosing a wood flooring that is best for your home. Each home is unique and it is uniquely yours. Not only do you have to think about your personal style, but your lifestyle when choosing your hardwood floors. A home with 5 active children and 3 dogs looks very different than a home of empty nesters. Durability, installation time, and price all have a major impact on your choice of hardwood floors.

There are hardwood flooring options out there for every lifestyle, make sure you choose the right one for you.

Physical House & Location

Each location and house type will have an impact on the flooring you are looking to install. An older craftsman-style home built in the early 1900s will have different flooring needs than a newly built modern home. 

It goes far beyond just keeping the “integrity” of the original home and its style. The way these two houses are built is completely different and therefore requires different strategies to choosing and laying down hardwood floors. Understanding what your home’s needs are will help you create hardwood flooring that not only looks great in your home but stands the test of time.

Work With An Expert

Obviously, there are a lot of factors that go into choosing your hardwood flooring, but don’t stress. It isn’t all on you to have it all figured out. Work with one of our craftsmen here at Totta Hardwoods. Through our consultation, we walk you through all the factors impacting your home to help you create the right hardwood flooring for you.

Hardwood Flooring Style for You in 2022

When you work with a flooring expert on your hardwood floors you can’t go wrong. All the trends in 2022 are about sustainability and personalization that lasts so work with a flooring expert to choose the hardwood flooring that works best for you and fits your style and you will be right on trend!

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