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Hardwood Flooring and More

There’s more to being a Kansas City craftsman than just hardwood floor installation services. As woodworking experts, the craftsmen of Totta Hardwood wear many hats with the ability to do hardwood flooring repair, deep cleaning, refinishing, and stairs & railings. 

Let the work speak for itself by hiring craftsmen who can help build your floors and maintain them. Here are some of the many things Totta Hardwoods can do for your home. 

Hardwood Flooring Installations

Naturally, the first thing Totta Hardwoods offers is floor installation services. Leave the stress of new and timeless hardwood floors to the experts. When you schedule a consultation, our craftsmen will meet with you to discuss the perfect hardwood floors for your home. 

The hardwood floor installation then takes place on the scheduled dates, taking about a week to complete. This process involves laying your selection of hardwood down, sanding, staining, and curing it for strength.

With styles and species that fit your budget, you can get a flooring solution that fits your home’s needs and your budget. This method also ensures that you have consistency throughout the floor with the ability to update your wood finish later down the line. 

Pre-finished Flooring

If you’re looking for a flooring option that has durability and a fresh look, Totta Hardwoods also offers pre-finished flooring installations. This floor style is unique and strong because each individual piece of wood is sanded, stained, and cured ahead of time. 

Pre-finished flooring is also great because you get to choose your look and style, and when the big installation comes, it takes less time than an on-site hardwood installation. Your floors could be complete in about 3 days (depending on the square footage) because there is no necessary curing time.

Repairing Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to living life on your floors, there’s always a chance the floor can get scratched or dented over time. When we get a scrape on our leg, we disinfect it and put a bandage on it. This is the same way we treat hardwood floors over time. Totta Hardwoods experts are trained and certified in flooring repair, meaning they’re ready to mend any injuries your floor has taken. 

Over time, even with maintenance, a hardwood floor can begin to get splits or cracks on the surface. There is also the chance your home will be exposed to excess moisture, leading to gapping or cupping. In extreme cases like a flood or pipe burst, hardwood floors may buckle, or warp as well.

The Totta Hardwoods craftsmen are trained and certified in all things woodworking, meaning if there’s a flooring repair needed, they’re trained to fix them. The experts will assess your floors and determine what the damage is and come up with a plan for fixing your hardwood floors.  

Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Recoating

Home styles change over time, but hardwood flooring stays timeless over the centuries. Unlike with tile and carpet (where you’d have to do a full gutting of flooring), hardwood floors can be changed without removing the entire floor system in techniques like refinishing and recoating. 


Hardwood floor refinishing begins with sanding down the floors evenly and carefully. After that, the experts fill in any small cracks or spaces with wood filler. You select your color of stain, and they apply it on the floors, and at the end, they give a top-grade finisher to your floors to seal and protect. 


When the expert craftsmen at Totta Hardwoods are called to recoat hardwood floors, they begin by cleaning your floors. Next, they remove any contaminants from the space, so your floors have a fresh start. Then they lightly abrade your floors, ensuring they are even before the final step of applying the finishing coat, bringing your floors back to their old glory! 

Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaning Services

Never worry about your floors slowly degrading over time. The regular maintenance involves cleaning them regularly and doing an occasional deep clean. We understand not everyone has the time for a quarterly, bi-annual, or even an annual deep cleaning, so leave that to us! Totta Hardwoods has a deep cleaning service for your hardwood floors. 

When you hire our experts to deep clean your hardwood flooring, it’s easy and inexpensive. They will come to your home with a scrubbing machine, and special wood cleaners. You won’t have to leave or move any furniture, because we keep it simple and safe. There are no harsh chemicals used in the deep cleaning process, you can get back to living stress-free on your fresh hardwood floors within a few hours. 

Stairs and Railings

There’s nothing more classic than a wooden staircase. Most opt for carpeted staircases that begin to look stained and matted over the years. We’ve all seen a renovation show where they rip the carpeting off the stairs to reveal a beautiful hardwood beneath the dusty dated surface. 

Totta Hardwoods will bring in expert craftsmen to redesign your stairs and railings with beautiful hardwood that matches the look of your home. Whether modern or traditional, the craftsmen can make you a staircase you’re happy to walk up. 

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