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Flooring Consultations: What You Need to Know

So much happens in your home, memories are made, experiences are had, time with loved ones are spent, and so much more. Your life happens on the floors you walk on, and it can be difficult to determine the kind of flooring that works best for your home. Thankfully, at Totta Hardwoods there are expert flooring consultants who can help you along on your journey to a new beautiful hardwood floor. 

Whether you’re worried about the type of floors you want, the installation process, or the final product, Totta Hardwoods is here to help you make flooring decisions that you can be proud of. 

Your Vision – Hardwood Floors Designed for You and Your Home

Deciding on the type of hardwood flooring can be a difficult choice to make. There are so many variables to think about and so many options available, it can feel very overwhelming. That is why, at Totta Hardwoods, we sit down with you and design your hardwood flooring together based on all the factors that affect your home – lifestyle, personal style, environment, price, etc. 

We work directly with you so that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision you are happy with. During our consultation, we walkthrough – 


Have you ever considered updating or installing floors, but you’re also thinking about the hardwood flooring cost? You’re not alone! Luckily, there are some great options, and you don’t have to give up the look you want due to the price. When meeting with our flooring consultants, you control your look and cost with your styles of wood, finish, and pattern. 

Making sure you understand your price point during the consultation will help our hardwood flooring contractor work with you to determine a range of species, styles, and stains that fit your budget for your home.

There are a few elements to consider when you’re meeting with one of our flooring consultants. After making your choices, you can rest assured that our craftsmen will give you a hardwood floor estimate that meets your home’s needs, with a quality look that lasts. 


Another big part of making your hardwood flooring vision come to life is the type of installation. There are two major flooring installations that Totta Hardwoods can do: Onsite Hardwood floor installation and Pre-finished flooring installation. 

Onsite hardwood is typically a longer installation process as you install the raw wood plank by plank, sand, stain, finish, coat, and cure 1 step at a time and it is all done on-site. This type of installation gives you a much more uniform look as everything is done together in your home (and is a lot easier to repair in the long term). This also allows you absolutely full control of your vision and your versatility is endless.

Prefinished flooring is a process where the wood is cut, finished, and cured before the installation. Another term for this is Factory Finished Hardwood Flooring because sanding, staining, and finishing application are done at a factory versus Onsite Finished, allowing for a faster hardwood floor installation. However, since each wood plank is cut, finished, and cured before installation you may see some variation plank to plank, as well as the typical micro beveling to account for any unevenness and decrease the likelihood of accidentally damaging boards during installation.

Time can be an important factor in any decision. Talk with your Totta hardwood flooring specialist to understand the potential timelines that come with each option. There might be a greater benefit to getting your floors done quicker depending on your lifestyle.


Personal style is not the only thing you want to think about when choosing your flooring! Your lifestyle is just as important to consider when choosing your hardwood flooring. At Totta Hardwoods we build hardwood flooring that works great and lasts a lifetime. 

Part of that guarantee is understanding your lifestyle to ensure we provide you with options that last. All types of wood have variations of durability and understanding your lifestyle (kids, pets, guests, etc) will help us understand what level of durability you need out of your flooring to keep them looking great.

This goes far beyond foot traffic, during your consultation we take into account your entire environment (temperature, sun exposure, elevation, etc) to make sure we give you flooring options that are designed for you and your home. 

Personal Style

When it comes to your home, arguably the best part of the decision-making process is selecting your wood species, stain, and pattern. Wood comes in a variety of textures, colors, and prices. Understanding your style and what you like will help your Totta Hardwoods craftsman help create a hardwood floor estimate that fits your style. 

During your consultation discuss your style and any inspiration or ideas you have for your hardwood floors and your hardwood flooring contractor will be able to show you a range of options that fit your style and budget- 

  • Species of wood
  • Cut of wood 
  • Texture
  • Stain 
  • Finish
  • Layout or Pattern

Stairs and Railings

Are you looking to get hardwood stairs done as part of your hardwood flooring project? Totta Hardwoods can also create custom matching stairs and railings to match your new hardwood floors. Understanding the vision for your whole home will help your craftsmen curate flooring options that are best for every part of your home, not just your floors. 

Even if you are thinking about redoing your stairs in the future, talk to your Totta Hardwoods craftsman, we can give you tips for your hardwood flooring installation now, which will help you create the look you want later for your stairs. 

Create your Vision with Our Flooring Consultants

Totta Hardwoods is ready to sit down with you and discuss your hardwood flooring needs. If you’re ready to talk with one of our flooring consultants, schedule a consultation today, and we will work alongside you to create a floor you can be proud to walk on and happy to live on.