Totta Hardwoods COVID-19 Protocol

Because we believe you should feel safe in your own home.

In order to responsibly live out our core value of Genuine Care, for our team and our customers, we are enacting the following protocol effective immediately (March 19, 2020) until further notice. 

  1. Wash hands upon entering and before leaving the jobsite every single time.
  2. Do not use any surface in the home for storing items on.
  3. Do not bring food or drinks into the house or set any personal property on any surface in the home other than the floor.
  4. If you have an elevated temperature, or any symptoms of a fever/cold or the like, notify the manager and do not come in until cleared to do so.
  5. No penalty for missed time due to sickness within reason.
  6. Do not venture anywhere on a jobsite without permission to do so.
  7. Do not use a customer’s restroom or sink without permission.
  8. If you travel outside of Kansas or Missouri, you must notify the manager and be approved before returning to work.
  9. Avoid physical contact with anyone on a jobsite.
  10. If you are potentially exposed to anyone exhibiting signs of the covid-19 infection, notify the manager and do not return to the jobsite until approved to do so.
  11. When calling ahead to a customer, we will ask if anyone in the home has had or been exposed to the virus.  We will also ask for the customer to notify us immediately if that happens during our work, and reserves the right to suspend work if we deem it necessary.

We believe you should feel safe in your own home. Ultimately we want to respect the wishes of our customers and honor the invitation to enter their home.

Core Values

Genuine Care • Confident Humility • Uncompromised Craftsmanship • Ownership Mindset


Locally owned and operated, Totta Hardwoods is one of the most respected and fastest growing wood flooring companies in Kansas City.  Driven by a strong internal culture of craftsmanship along with a focus on respect and courtesy for their customer’s home.

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Our People

Our craftsmen are trained and certified in order to provide the highest quality hardwood flooring.

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Our Products

We use high quality environmentally friendly products designed for durability and longevity.

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Our Process

From start to finish we follow the best practices in the hardwood floor refinishing industry.