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Biggest Hardwood Flooring Trends of 2021

After a year of spending plenty of time at home, many homeowners are considering changing up their spaces to match their personal style, and that doesn’t stop at the color of the walls or the photos they hang up – it extends all the way to new hardwood flooring. There are many trendy flooring options for all styles of home. You are not limited to just wood type/species or stain! You also have options for cut, width, type texture, finish, sheen, and pattern. With all of these amazing hardwood flooring choices available, you have no limitations when it comes to creating the flooring for your dream home. When thinking about the hardwood flooring style you are looking to achieve, you might be considering some of the latest new flooring trends.White kitchen island with barstools and lots of floor space

Farmhouse Style Hardwood Flooring

The farmhouse look has been making waves for the past few years and there is no sign of this trend stopping in the near future! It is a clean, simple, minimalist hardwood flooring look when it comes to hardwood flooring that people continue to adore. 

When you are looking to achieve the Farmhouse look consider red or white oak with a lighter stain, wide width panels, and smooth texture. This will help you achieve that smooth minimalist look effortlessly. Continue the look from room to room and even on your stairs to bring the whole look together.

Want to continue the farmhouse look beyond your hardwood? Consider painting your walls a lighter color like cream or white and use brass hardware throughout the home.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Another popular hardwood flooring trend to gain steam in 2021 is reclaimed hardwood flooring. Reclaimed hardwood is exactly how it sounds reclaimed – wood that has been repurposed from its previous use. Your new floors could be from an old school building, barn, older home, courthouse, etc. This is a great option for those wanting to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

This floor makes a statement in more than one way! With the environment in mind, reclaimed wood also gives your home a unique, eclectic, and/or rustic look depending on the reclaimed wood you choose. Reclaimed wood is often known for its stark contrast from plank to plank giving you a totally unique floor with a ton of character. If you are looking for a hardwood option that feels totally unique to you, reclaimed wood is a great way to go. gray couches in the living room with reclaimed hardwood flooring and a fireplace

You might be thinking – “where do I get reclaimed hardwood?” or “how do I know if I will like the reclaimed hardwood I get?” – nothing to worry about! The craftsmen at Totta Hardwoods can help you decide the type of look you want to achieve with our in-depth consultation. If you are looking for reclaimed hardwood, let Totta Hardwoods help!

This hardwood flooring option has a ton of character on its own so your options of styling are endless! Try pairing it with heavy iron and raw wood pieces to create a more industrial look and pair with mixed patterns, bold wallpaper, or unexpected accents to create a more eclectic look. If you have a style all your own this is flooring option is a great piece to add to your home’s unique personality.

Herringbone and Chevron Patterned Floors

large kitchen island with bar stoolsKeeping on trend for 2021 and unique hardwood flooring options is patterned hardwood. Your hardwood flooring doesn’t always have to go in one direction, you don’t have to follow the straight and narrow of hardwood. If you are looking for something more dynamic or dramatic, this is best shown in a great flooring pattern. If you are looking for a statement piece and want to create movement throughout the space, consider an installation of hardwood floors in a pattern such as a herringbone or a chevron. This is a great trendy flooring option with a classic look. 

The great thing about patterns as well, is you are not as limited in your options when it comes to species, stain, width, etc. The main focus is on the pattern so when it comes to achieving your look you have room to explore different textures and tones to create the hardwood flooring look you desire. Make things as dramatic or subtle as you like, it is really up to you! 

Patterned flooring adds a unique pop to any home so you can play it up with additional pattern and texture like dynamic wallpaper or you can play it down with more minimalist stylings like white walls and modern accents.

Consider the Color of Your Hardwoodwhite house with dark hardwood flooring looking from the entry way into the dining room

Have you fallen in love with the all-natural look? Leave the wood its natural color and just add a finish on top to preserve the appearance. You are not limited to just light or dark stains, you don’t have to choose a stain at all. If you love the natural look of your wood flooring, don’t use a stain at all, use a clear finish to preserve the natural color and look of your hardwood.

Want to refresh your floors with a color? Picking a cool or warm tone is great for changing the look of your home. If you want a mellow farmhouse style // more neutral peaceful space, consider a cool-toned hardwood flooring

Looking to create a sunny desert vibe throughout your space or maybe a bit more drama? Dark and warm hardwood flooring styles may be a great fit. There’s a tone for every home and every style. 

If you are looking to refresh your home’s look, but don’t want to fully replace your current hardwood flooring then you have options! Restaining is a great way to stay on trend without having to start over with new floors. Keep the original character of your home without compromising on style.

Questions About New Flooring Trends

At Totta Hardwoods, we love making your house feel like home and our craftsmen are experts in their field. They can do it all from dramatic patterns to smooth minimalist finishes to natural textures. Whatever look you want to achieve, whatever trend you love– Totta Hardwoods can achieve it. Here at Totta Hardwoods, we don’t just care about hardwood floors. We care about the families who walk on them. That is why we are so dedicated to creating flooring that you love and lasts a lifetime. Interested in other flooring options? Follow us out on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for more inspiration.

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