Biggest Hardwood Flooring Trends in 2022

When trying to find hardwood flooring that fits with your home, the options can seem endless and overwhelming. New trends emerge every day, and it can be difficult to find modern-day wood floor trends that look timeless and fit with your chosen aesthetic. When it comes to creating hardwood flooring for your home, you might look at upcoming trends for inspiration. Understanding your unique style, and the interior design trends of 2022, will help you create the trendy look you are going for! 

Trends in Interior Design

To find trendy flooring that will fit into your home, it is important to first look at interior design and how the colors of your home can be complemented by various choices in hardwood flooring. There are many styles of interior design, from eclectic to minimalistic and modern, that can impact what hardwood will look best in your home. Looking into trends in the interior design field can help you identify that missing piece that will make your home, truly your home. 

Wood Floor Trends in 2022

Predictions for trends in 2022 contain many monochromatic aesthetics including shades of greens and shades of brown. Other trends are modern revivals of past trends; specifically in the 1970s and 1980s. This revival of the 1970s and 1980s calls for bright colors and more individualism within the home that we haven’t seen for a while. What do these trends tell us about your flooring? Opt for a bold pattern or design in your hardwood to elevate the space and make it unique without going too extreme with the trend. 


Monochromatic color schemes, such as green and brown, have become increasingly popular. Using varying shades of the same color can create a bold and powerful atmosphere while not being overwhelming. Using monochromatic offers a chance to involve pops of accent colors that will go along with a variety of shades and materials. By using a single base color, your creativity can shine through choices in furniture and patterns. Using this aesthetic can create a harmonious appearance to your home. This is also an optimal choice for those living in a small space, as the various tints and shades of a color can create an illusion of a larger area. 

More Individualizing

Since the beginning of the pandemic, people are increasingly spending more time in their homes; requiring many people to open their eyes to the possibility of a dual-purpose room or creating spaces that better fit their unique needs and style. People are finding more value in investing in their homes because of all the additional time that is now being spent there. This means more home renovations to create spaces that fit their needs such as updating a guest bedroom into a home office or gym, upgrading that closed-in porch into a playroom, or even just upgrading to nicer appliances and furniture that feels more uniquely them. 

Vintage and Sustainable Accents

“Thrifting” has become a pastime of young people everywhere. However, vintage and antique accents and decorations are beloved by many more. There is a special feeling when walking through an antique shop and finding the perfect piece for your home, and a great feeling knowing you are repurposing an old piece rather than buying something new. This has led to an increase in popularity following the aesthetic. Sustainable accents rose to popularity due to more awareness of environmental concerns. Secondhand items can easily be refurbished into beautiful pieces. 


Also known as “maximalism”, eclectic style is defined as deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. It contains a multitude of eras and styles and combines them to form one visually appetizing scheme. Oftentimes, this style has a wide range of colors, patterns, or can even feature natural colors like black and white. This style is one that can be full of creativity and can be a good style for those who love aspects of every design trend.

Hardwood Flooring Trends

Choosing the right trendy flooring for the style in your home can be difficult when you have so many options. What color will look best in my kitchen? What design should I choose for my living room? What flooring is best for my bathroom? There can be any number of questions regarding coordinating flooring with your style of choice. To see what floors would be best for you, you can always contact us.

One place you can always look to find inspiration for your hardwood flooring style is at the wood floor trends of the year. In 2022, there are quite a few flooring trends that not only help keep your home trendy, but provide additional resale value to your home. When the goal is to invest in your home, you want to look at long-lasting trends. For instance, you don’t want to pick out a flooring option that might be trendy now but “tacky” in 3 years. For that reason, we suggest investing in hardwood flooring over other flooring options. It allows you to play more with trends without diminishing the value as trends alter and change. Hardwood flooring is a traditional option that you can elevate and make unique with patterns; allowing you to follow trends without breaking too far out.


Don’t limit yourself to making bold choices only with color. Choose from a variety of colors and species, while still exploring unique hardwood flooring styles. One way to do this is through pattern, and a pattern that has stood the test of time is the herringbone pattern. This beautiful zig-zagging pattern has been around since the 16th century, and is a great way to elevate your hardwood flooring. It complements a monochromatic style by providing a unique visual for the eye. It helps keep the room interesting, while allowing you to really explore your monochromatic look without it feeling like “too much”. 

Modern & Minimal Wood Flooring

Modern-style homes rely on limited color and sharp lines to complete the ideal version of the aesthetic. Using smokey wood-colored or bleached/whitewashed flooring can achieve the completed look. The lighter wood tones can brighten up a space, and also look less busy so as not to interrup the minimalist “clean” appeal. 

Darker stains on wood provide a sleek look that complements lighter decor. It provides drama and a dramatic finish to your home. Additionally, it also helps limit upkeep due to absorbing light rather than reflecting. This quality protects the wood, and prevents you from having to refinish the wood as often. 

Wider and Longer Planks

Wide and longer planks have become a staple in larger spaces. A wider and longer board can balance out the large space. Not only are these wider and longer boards trendy because they make the space feel more expensive and larger, but they allow more natural details in the wood to be seen; another trend in 2022. This type of cut also allows more of the wood’s grain to show through by providing more surface area to show those natural grains.

Choose the Best Wood Floor Trends with the Best in the Business

There are so many options for your floors. Identifying the trends you like, those that work best with your preferred style, can alleviate the stress of having to choose your hardwood flooring. Wood floor trends can be a great place to start when looking for hardwood flooring.  However, make sure you take in all of the necessary factors when choosing your floors like – humidity levels, style of your home, the lifestyle of your family, pricing, etc., and work with an expert to make sure you get beautiful hardwood floors you will love for years to come; not just in 2022! Work with the expert hardwood flooring contractors at Totta Hardwoods today by scheduling a consultation online or giving us a call. We have the expertise to create trendy flooring that will make everyone jealous for years to come.

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