The mill buys the rough cut boards from a saw mill, and the process begins at this building where graders separate the lumber


This facility takes the drying process from 4 month down to a few weeks. They are able to control temperature and humidity to ensure the woods remains stable and undamaged.


This is the yard where the rest of the wood remains for approximately 4 months to dry out the more traditional way. The boards are stacked as high as possible so the weight keeps the boards from warping or bending.


Once the wood dries, it is milled into flooring. The first step is to plane the wood down to the right thickness


a groove and tongue is milled on the long ends of each board


Ben and I really enjoyed learning more about the supply chain in our industry


these guys were cutting out the major defects and pushing the boards through to be end cut.


this is a huge vacuum system that sucks as much of the dust out as possible where it is used to power the operation and to be sold to make charcoal.


once the wood goes through the entire milling process it is banded into bundles and loaded onto pallets where it is shipped to distribution centers.

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