Is it good to wax a hardwood floor?

I went out on a job last week to clean a floor and put another coat of finish on it. While we were cleaning and preparing the floor, I noticed that it turned white when it got wet, the sure sign that it had been waxed. I asked the customer about it, and sure enough she had been maintaining her floor with a wax. I explained that because the floor had been waxed, we would not be able to put another coat of polyurethane on it. That was a lesson I learned the hard way several years ago.

So, is waxing a floor a bad idea? Here are a few thoughts about that:

  1. Waxing is not a bad thing to do, but it does increase the routine maintenance of your floor since it will require periodic stripping and re-waxing in order to stay looking nice.
  2. If you have been waxing your floor and would like to improve the look of it you have two options: strip and wax it again, or hire me to do a complete sand and refinish(:
  3. If you’d like to have your waxed floors sanded and refinished, expect to pay a little more because we go through much more sand paper on a waxed floor.
  4. If you have waxed your floor, and would like to hire a professional to work on them, don’t withhold that information from them(: We’ll figure it out and your credibility will be lost.
  5. Wax is not a bad way to maintain your floors at all, it’s just not as common as it used to be. My personal opinion is that there are better finishes that look better much longer and require much less maintenance. Wax is however, much easier to repair and touch-up and is much more user-friendly than many other types of finish.

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